NPP Overcomes Barriers of Banking Access and Usability

The National Payment Platform is the only blockchain-powered system that enables users to make digital payments through a sovereign currency. The NPP enables regulated banks and commercial entities to harness the power of blockchain and facilitate frictionless transactions. This allows economic participants to save large amounts of time and resources and enables an economy to gain massive efficiencies at scale.

By solving accessibility and usability challenges, NPP in conjunction with Apollo Fintech’s other financial innovations can lead to accelerated mass adoption of digital payments and cashless transactions. When utilized, a government and central bank can leverage the security and transparency of blockchain on a national scale. This empowers a government to accelerate the transformation of a national economy and gain unprecedented efficiency, stability and economic control.

We’re thrilled to have developed the first solution that enables a central bank to issue a blockchain-powered digital currency which can be sent and received through mobile texts. This capability can bring enormous economic benefits to developing countries and to millions of banked and unbanked consumers. Furthermore, by removing the two major barriers to blockchain, accessibility and usability, it can accomplish two historical milestones, true mass adoption of blockchain and banking the unbanked.

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

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Apollo Fintech

Apollo Fintech

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

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