Protect Your Funds With Two-Factor Authorization (2FA)

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Bad things can happen if you don’t enable two-factor authorization (2FA).

Compromised accounts (at exchanges) have risen nearly 370% from 2017–2018 according to cyber security firm Group-IB. A total of 720 usernames and passwords were stolen. Moreover, 20% of all passwords were 8 characters or less which makes them vulnerable.

In 1st half of 2018, $1.1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen. And exchanges were most popular targets for criminals, according to security firm Carbon Black.

Apollo Foundation has built safety tools to protect your funds and identity. That includes 2FA security on Apollo Wallet. (See article.)

According to an Apollo developer:

In Dec. 2018 the team released Android mobile Wallet app so you can take the all-in-one privacy currency that incorporates every mainstream feature wherever you go.

Download it on Google Play. The IOS version will be available upon completion of Apple Store review.

Apollo (APL) has the best privacy features in the industry, and it’s an unregulatable platform. (See Olympus Protocol 2.0 release.)

Make sure you enable two-factor authorization: It was created to protect your funds.

The new Apollo Wallet includes a few changes:

1. Redesigned interface for desktop wallets (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as web wallet. There are updates to two-factor authentication (2FA) and secret key features.

2. Minor issues fixed.

3. Java updated to Version 11.

4. Transport app updated.

According to Apollo’s technical paper:

Learn more about Apollo’s groundbreaking innovations:

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