Protect Your Identity With Apollo’s IP Masking 2.0

by Marvin Dumont

You leave digital footprints everywhere, but Apollo Foundation gives you tools to stay anonymous.

IP Masking 2.0 uses encrypted-data protocol to hide your real-time physical location, and to overcome firewalls that limit internet access. This feature keeps you invisible when you send and receive digital funds.

A key reason why privacy matters is that digital users should not have to explain or justify activities to snooping parties. Real life isn’t a 24/7 reality show or prison camp. When people know they’re being judged or monitored all the time, they alter their actions, wear social masks, and conform to values not their own. Thus, constant tracking is a coercive practice.

The tech that underpins IP Masking 2.0. can be found in Apollo’s technical paper. Here are more details.

  • A transport protocol allows the delivery of anonymous encrypted packets. This method prevents the tracking of transaction paths. Moreover, it makes transactions completely anonymous.
  • The above proprietary protocol recognizes the use and blocking of TOR browser in restrictive countries (like China). It also recognizes the inability to configure data exchange parameters in the TOR network.
  • To enable transport between nodes, a VPN channel is created — a tunnel through which all data is transmitted in the form of standard protocol packets used by standard web browsers.

Privacy limits the power of outside parties to collect your personal data, and to potentially use info against you or your interests. Thus, it can improve (or secure) your safety and reputation by limiting access to sensitive info.

Moreover, privacy restores control of your life. Unfortunately, social media platforms, commercial platforms, internet browsers, cameras, and devices have evolved to become collection points for large-scale digital dragnets. These information-collecting platforms transmit your personal data to advertisers, governments, hackers, and others, often without a user’s awareness or consent.

IP Masking 2.0 and other privacy tools keep individuals free and secure.


Apollo all-in-one privacy currency combines mainstream crypto features in a truly private and unregulatable platform. APL lets you transact and send data in total anonymity via tech breakthroughs such as private ledger, decentralized exchange, coin mixing, and advanced IP masking.

With 2-second block speed, Apollo is also one of fastest cryptos on Earth.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy