Recapping Apollo’s January Accomplishments

by Marvin Dumont

January 2019 was full of exciting milestones for Apollo Foundation.

Apollo all-in-one privacy currency combines every mainstream feature into a single, unregulatable platform. With 2-second block speed, it’s one of the fastest cryptos on Earth — faster than Ripple (XRP).

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In January, Apollo received mentions on and Los Angeles Times. Here’s an excerpt from Forbes:

Apollo has developed a method … that allows users in China and other restricted countries to utilize IP masking … [China’s] firewall blocks Tor [privacy browser] and other methods of IP masking so Apollo [is] looking to be the first currency that allows [users] to send [transactions] invisibly.

Apollo [is]tackling [KYC] problem through the creation of their own decentralized marketplace where ‘users can list goods to be sold locally or even worldwide’ …. IP Masking and Coin Shuffling lead to the claim that within the ever-growing pressures of regulation, Apollo is an entirely un-regulatable currency.

According to Los Angeles Times:

They call [Apollo] an all-in-one coin for a reason. Firstly, it has broken all the records of other crypto projects when it comes to TPS [transactions per second] with its 1–2 seconds transaction speed.

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Apollo reached top 100 ranking on before settling at current spot of no. 107 with $27 million in market capitalization. lists APL as “strong buy” and top 10 crypto investment out of 1,700 coins.

In mid-January, APL was among the biggest gainers on Coinmarketcap. It gained 145% for the month (as of Jan. 31, 2 am EST).

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On Jan. 18, the foundation announced its commitment to becoming a fully decentralized organization:

For a cryptocurrency project to be lead solely by a centralized entity creates many risks and puts the success of that project in the hands of the few. [Our] goal … is to set up … a community of experts that will carry on Apollo under all circumstances so that no … entity could ever slow down its progress.

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In January, Bitfi integrated Apollo (APL) into its hardware crypto wallet. According to Bitfi:

Bitfi’s website states that new DMA-2 provides “optimized utility, fortress-like security” and is easy to use.

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On Jan. 17, ABC’s “Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary (“Mr. Wonderful”) lauded Apollo Foundation for December 2018 launch of Olympus Protocol 2.0. The 64-year-old Canadian reality star posted a video on Twitter:

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CoinPayments on Jan. 28 integrated Apollo into its payment-processing ecosystem. It supports 1,190 cryptocurrencies as payment method at online stores worldwide, as well as, major e-commerce platforms (such as Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento) that support CoinPayments plug-ins.

CoinPayments has 2.2 million users in 182 countries.

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On Jan. 28, Netcoins listed Apollo which makes APL available for purchase via the firm’s over-the-counter (OTC) brokerage services, online portal, and network of 171,000 retail locations worldwide.

Netcoins enables crypto transactions via self-serve purchase portal and 171,000+ retail locations around the world. Its network lets consumers walk into a store and buy cryptocurrencies using cash, debit or credit.

Learn more about Apollo at

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