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Registration is Open for Gold Inc. Beta

by Marvin Dumont

eady to play Gold Inc beta version? Registration is now open. The full Sapphire Studios website is coming soon at http://sapphirerdc.com.

On the beta release of Gold Inc:

The Apollo community will get the first opportunity to join the beta. It’s possible the number of participants will increase. The time frame could be 1–2 months from now.

On alliances in the game:

We will make it so that players can auto join an alliance and many alliances will be open enlistment. You can definitely play solo still though.

There are many things a person can do solo without an alliance. A single player may not take the trade center on his own (certainly possible though), but he can still mine and build a business, provide support, etc.

Mining on the Gold Inc. game:

Mining in Gold Inc. can differ greatly depending on your mine. You could get an incredibly gold-rich claim immediately or your claim may have no gold and instead get rich on other resources like titanium ore.

It’s all about the ground you are on and your ability to prospect. The exciting part of this is that you could hit it rich with a lucrative mine at any time.

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