Sharding To Speed Up Apollo Blockchain

by Marvin Dumont

Q1 2019 will bring key updates to Apollo all-in-one privacy currency (APL). The foundation will release Hermes Protocol 2.0 in coming weeks and the update will include Sharding.

Sharding will speed up APL blockchain whose settlement time is 1–2 seconds — already one of the fastest in the industry. (Our transaction time is faster than Ripple (XRP) at 4 seconds.)

But we’ll do even better.

Sharding involves splitting the blockchain into segments. This approach has positive effects on volume of transactions, download speed, blockchain speed, and overall stability of ecosystem. It processes a transaction in different parts, and these are confirmed by nodes much faster when compared to conventional processes.

Near real-time transactions differentiates Apollo from other projects. Blazing speed helps with global adoption for these reasons: (1) More users and merchants want immediate settlements. (2) It makes APL an alternative payment method on mass scale. (3) It streamlines business processes. (4) Speed mitigates risk and lowers cost.

Apollo offers game-changing characteristics including: (1) all-in-one features (2) total privacy on unregulatable platform, and (3) 1–2 second settlements.

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