Stephen McCullah Designated as UAS President

by Marvin Dumont

United Allied States (UAS) on July 30 designated Apollo Fintech CEO Stephen McCullah as inaugural President of the new African sovereign entity. The UAS Congress selected McCullah over several nominees to lead the Executive Branch and accomplish the entity’s mission of being the freest place on earth.

In June, Apollo Fintech was tapped as official technology partner and will build and maintain government IT systems. According to Mr. Wessel Sevenster, UAS Interim Congressman:

We believe Apollo’s government products are at the forefront of e-governance and payment technology, these tools will give UAS citizens and businesses an economic advantage in the global marketplace.

The July 30 presidential election was streamed on YouTube.

The vision of UAS is the establishment of a worldwide, sovereign nation of states, each offering its residents an unparalleled level of freedom and prosperity. It will utilize principles that are proven to facilitate economic growth and foster the creation of wealth.

Moreover, UAS will promote the values of individual freedom; respect for human life; and free enterprise.

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