Stratus Brings Privacy, Payments and Free Speech to Social Media

by Marvin Dumont

There are growing ethical and privacy concerns with social media platforms. Their ability to read private chats and messages between friends and family is coupled with selling such data to advertisers and other third parties (perhaps the government?).

Moreover, encryption designed to protect content could soon be weakened. According to CoinDesk, legislation known as EarnIT Act is passing through the U.S. Senate. It would force companies to provide back doors in end-to-end encrypted messaging systems.

According to Steve McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech:

Apollo will launch Stratus in Q3 2020 and it will protect your privacy. You can keep your data secure and say goodbye to censorship.

Stratus: one platform, one wallet, and a world of services. It will boast the functionality of the following platforms:

Phase 1 : Facebook, Twitter, Medium, PayPal

Phase 2 : Instagram, YouTube, Robinhood, Coinbase

Phase 3 : TikTok, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram

Phase 4 : Travelocity, GoDaddy, UpWork, Envato

Apollo Fintech is developing world-shaping fintech solutions for a global economy. Its product categories include Government Solutions, Commercial Products and Consumer Products. Apollo Fintech’s new platforms and tools include National Currency System, Tax System, Commodity Exchange, Mineral Claims System, Government Bank Platform, White Label Payment System, Bank Network, Knox Exchange, DEX, Apollo Cash and Apollo Currency.

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