Stratus is Launching Friday, Nov. 27

Apollo Fintech
2 min readNov 24, 2020

by Marvin Dumont

Stratus by Apollo Fintech will launch 27 November 2020 as the world’s most expansive social ecosystem. is a new free-speech platform that gives you an alternative to Big Tech’s censorship and spying of millions of users.

Sign up at starting Friday, 27 November 2020.

Over the next two years, Stratus will launch with the combined functionalities of top social sites. With one account and one wallet, you can access an internet of platforms and services.

Soar Above Censorship

Freedom of expression is a sacred right and the exchange of ideas is crucial for a prosperous society.

True Data Privacy
Stratus will never sell or distribute your data.

Keep Your Cookies
Stratus protects users’ privacy and does not install cookies or invasive trackers. Users are encouraged to validate their identity through a 60-second KYC system.

Never Get Spied by Big Tech Again

As a free-speech platform, Stratus gives people everywhere the option of never getting spied on by Big Tech ever again. puts people first. Guard your liberty and join history.

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