The Importance Of Utility In Money

by Marvin Dumont

Aristotle, considered one of the great thinkers of the ancient world, said that the telos — or purpose — of an object is found in “what it was made for.” For centuries, our ancestors used commodity-money to pay for (i.e., barter for) goods and services. Because commodities such as cattle, gold and other physical assets always had sustainable value, ancient investors and landowners were confident that their commodity-money was reliable as store of value and medium of exchange.

(The word capital is derived from the phrase “wealth in cattle.” Salary is derived from “salt” and currency from the “currents” of a river.)

Apollo: Most Feature-Rich Cryptocurrency

In the modern world, blockchain and cryptographic technologies are giving monetary powers to private issuers of new money, namely blockchain ventures that create cryptocurrencies. Which means central banks and governments around the world risk losing their monopoly over monetary systems if people everywhere decide that sovereign fiats no longer protect their wealth.

Apollo all-in-one currency will be the most feature-rich cryptocurrency in the market. It will give token holders 0% inflation and one of the most robust privacy features of any crypto.

Unregulatable Privacy Coin

Apollo Foundation’s vision is to give users complete privacy and anonymity. To accomplish this, we are incorporating many layers of tech breakthroughs in blockchain privacy, such as database-level coin mixing, a private ledger, advanced internet protocol (IP) masking, coin shuffling, and decentralized exchange. Where a normal privacy coin might have one layer, we will combine all of them to create a privacy currency that is theoretically unregulatable.

Apollo’s features are important because, historically, past societies placed value on commodity-money that were useful (i.e., had utility). Our team is developing as much utility that can be infused into a digital coin, which give it the promise of more usefulness as more features are added.

Moreover, we take privacy as seriously as you do. Financial matters are your business. Thus, you should be able to trade, invest and pay without interference from governments and middlemen.

Many other cryptos are inflationary — as are fiat currencies. The U.S. dollar loses about 2% of its purchasing power each year due to rising prices. And that’s due to the Federal Reserve increasing the cash supply by creating more dollars (out of thin air), a policy labelled as “quantitative easing.” This unnecessarily complex term betrays the Fed’s intention to obfuscate a harmful policy and avoid the scrutiny of Main Street.

Private issuers of money are not without precedent in jurisdictions around the world, including the United States. Section 8 of the U.S. constitution mandates that Congress shall have the power to “to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin …” It’s often argued that Congress gave up control over the nation’s money supply to the Federal Reserve.

Thanks to cryptos such as Apollo, there’s now an alternative way to make cross-border payments in inexpensive and anonymous ways.

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