The Philosophy Behind Apollo All-In-One Currency

by Marvin Dumont

The Apollo team shares a principled vision for its blockchain-powered all-in-one currency: Your business is nobody else’s. That’s a timeless principle that still applies to this day.

Bitcoin was birthed in the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis, and cryptocurrencies have since enjoyed a largely unrestricted market that enables holders to pay, trade and invest as they wish. This blockchain-powered freedom is celebrated by people everywhere who have access to internet.

Blockchain-run currencies let individuals escape the inflationary and debt-based monetary systems of most jurisdictions. Think Venezuela, Greece, Zimbabwe and dozens of other countries, even first-world economies such as Japan and United States.

However useful Bitcoin has become, BTC has limitations in terms of privacy, transaction speed and cost. With tightening regulations and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, it’s possible for personal IDs and payment info to become public knowledge.

Apollo Foundation is building an all-in-one currency (APL) that will offer the best privacy anywhere. These will enable you to manage digital funds in total anonymity.

Age-Old Money Practices

New forms of money can protect you and your property. Advocates of free-enterprise cryptos are not fringe actors as some portray. Apollo Foundation is honoring and implementing age-old money practices.

Services that protect assets go back to Babylon and Mesopotamia more than 2,500 years ago. In biblical times, a king could punish bankers for loaning gold deposits without disclosing such practices to depositors. That’s because a lack of stored gold threatened people’s faith in the kingdom’s repository system.

Fast forward to today and fractional reserve lending (loaning out deposits and leaving very little cash in the bank) can inject enormous risk to a financial system. While this practice has been legalized in many jurisdictions, it also helped to cause the apocalyptic Great Depression of 1930s when 1 of 3 banks in America went bankrupt.

Many monetary systems confiscate a population’s purchasing power via inflation. Central-bank practices such as “quantitative easing” (the printing of dollars out of thin air) leave dollar-users everywhere with less buying power.

The immoral actions of private banks, conflicts of interest, lack of accountability, incompetence and/or corruption of regulators, taxpayer-funded bailouts, and too-big-to-fail have all created a need for decentralized, privacy-focused, trustless money that can be sent across borders in a fast and frictionless manner.

Apollo: The Most Advanced Cryptocurrency

The Apollo team believes that technology can provide all-in-one and privacy-centered features to people from all walks of life, no matter what jurisdiction they live, so they can be secure in their property and obtain peace of mind.

When institutions serve people, society prospers. When man serves institutions , there’s involuntary servitude. (The word “bond” as in government or corporate bond, is derived from “bondage.”)

Blockchain developers everywhere, including Apollo team, are harnessing the power of technology to create digital and trustless forms of money that will serve a connected world.

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