Tokenization Of Assets Is The Future

by Marvin Dumont

Tokenization of assets (such as gold, land and other commodities) is the future, and cryptographic technology and blockchain are making it happen. The trend may usher a new era of digital barter system that make possible cross-border trade that’s frictionless, fast and cheap.

Transactions that took days can settle in seconds.

Tokenization of commodities reflects the failure of many governments and central banks to preserve people’s wealth through sovereign currencies. Fiats such as U.S. dollar, Japanese yen, Venezuelan bolivar, Turkish lira and many others have lost significant value over the decades. And that motivates rational consumers and investors to digitize their asset-commodities so they can exchange value with other rational consumers and investors.

Apollo Foundation is building an all-in-one cryptocurrency that will help consumers and investors to digitize their assets by using crypto in their everyday lives. Our vision is to make Apollo (APL) the most feature-rich currency in the market that will give users the ability to perform any blockchain-related task offered by mainstream cryptocurrencies in one platform.

Moreover, we’re developing Apollo in a way that gives you complete privacy when sending and receiving payments.

“Apollo’s core mission is to provide users privacy, freedom and accessibility,” says Steve McCullah, Apollo’s director of business development. “We know the barriers to get into cryptocurrency are substantial and increasing government regulations are only making these barriers larger.”

The foundation plans to set up possibly thousands of locations in major cities that will let people acquire Apollo (APL) with cash. In other words, consumers and investors can exchange their assets to acquire Apollo currency and participate in Web 3.0 economy. These locations are referred to as Decentralized Apollo Banks.

How Tokenization Helps

What are use cases of tokenization?

A farmer in Latin America can acquire more liquidity and favorable prices if he can exchange his tokenized farm crops for Apollo or other digital assets, such as tokenized gold or silver from a buyer in Europe or Asia.

But there needs to be a feasible method for educating and providing access to farmers, merchants and other entrepreneurs, especially those who are located in remote areas. Physical locations can offer them alternative (and more beneficial) forms of money such as Apollo currency. It’s important to set up retail outlets that give people a chance to acquire digital assets.

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy