Tokenized Virtual Assets: They Open A New World

by Marvin Dumont

For thousands of years, our ancestors used commodity-monies to barter for what they needed: bananas, silver, fish, weapons.

Today’s connected world is hooked to 4 billion phones. And the Web 3.0 economy may soon let you buy and sell tokenized, custom-made avatars, virtual assistants, and digital personas who “live” in our parallel reality.

The Web 3.0 will feature a marketplace filled with byproducts of man’s imagination. For example, kids who create digital, custom-made athletes or pets would be able to monetize their one-of-a-kind creations.

Perhaps NASA should no longer look for interstellar stars. Eastern philosophy encourages man to look within, and thanks to blockchain, what man discovers (and tokenizes) can be bartered via global exchanges.

Unique items or characters won’t have to be imprisoned in our iPhone or Xbox. Once their ownership is validated, these collectibles can come alive and enjoy the adulation of a paying fanbase. They can be sold and/or bartered for tokenized non-fungible (non-replaceable) items or cryptocurrencies. Like trading baseball cards by way of frictionless, cross-border platforms.

Estate planners will need to update their skills so they can stay relevant in a time when collectibles and rare possessions are taking on new meaning.

In Genesis, God created man in His own image. Through technology, man is bringing to life avatars who heretofore existed only in his dreams. Virtual personas convey god-like man’s interpretation of what the universe should be.

About Apollo:

Apollo all-in-one privacy currency (APL) has fixed supply and 0% inflation. It combines all mainstream features in an unregulatable platform. APL is also one of the fastest cryptos anywhere with 2-second block speed.

With the launch of Olympus Protocol 2.0 APL offers the best privacy in the industry by obfuscating your physical location and transaction details. (See announcement and YouTube video.) A forthcoming 3.0 version will add more privacy tech such as Advanced IP Masking, Private Ledger, and Decentralized Exchange.

By combining encrypted-data IP Masking, people who live in restrictive jurisdictions such as China (where Tor is blocked) can still transact using Apollo.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy