Apollo Fintech

UAS: Zero Income Tax for Citizens and Businesses

by Marvin Dumont

pollo Fintech held an AMA (ask me anything) session earlier this month and released new details about UAS: an independent, sovereign entity that guarantees individual rights and liberties, as well as free-market economics. UAS has chosen Apollo as an official technology partner where the company develops and maintains government IT systems.

Pro-Business Jurisdiction

UAS will feature 0% personal income tax for citizens, as well as 0% corporate income tax for companies. Workers and businesses will not be taxed.

There will be minimal regulations to stimulate a free-market economy.

Freest Place on Earth

According to CEO Steve McCullah:

[UAS] will be structured in a way that preserves democracy in a place [where] democracies normally do not survive. It will be pro-business, pro-life and pro-freedom in every way possible.

Individual Rights

The rights given by the constitution will be significantly more than any other government has offered. Most “free” nations are not really free. People are limited in almost every way, in almost every aspect of life.

A big part of UAS’s mission is to protect the sanctity of human life.

If you have a heartbeat, then in the UAS you will be protected at all costs.

Citizens are also welcome to participate in the creation of the national anthem.

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