Upcoming Milestones: Stratus, GSX and Knox Bank

by Marvin Dumont

The rest of 2020 will bring key product launches for Apollo Fintech.

Stratus: one platform, one wallet, and a world of services. It will boast the functionality of the following platforms:

Phase 1 : Facebook, Twitter, Medium, PayPal

Phase 2 : Instagram, YouTube, Robinhood, Coinbase

Phase 3 : TikTok, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram

Phase 4 : Travelocity, GoDaddy, UpWork, Envato

According to CEO Stephen McCullah:

It’s about to be one hell of a month. With Stratus, Apollo Bank and the exchange initiative, Gold Inc, Knox World pay and NPP beta. Not to mention Sandboxes starting, it’s looking to be our biggest busiest quarter. With next quarter having its own surprises and launches.

Not to mention Apollo Fintech rebranding, Quantum Steel information, the new Apollo site plus documents and the first UAS state coming out.

Gold Secured Currency (GSX) is an ongoing coin distribution event (CDE) with an initial price of $0.046 USD each. A total of 10 billion GSX are available for acquisition with a hard cap of $100 million.

Knox Bank account holders can obtain a Visa debit card so you can access and spend your money any place you want.

According to McCullah:

We’re breaking down barriers through innovation. One of those ways is through top-up cards. A person can go to an agent who will help him/her set up an account. The agent will take their deposit to top-up their account (and be able to spend at retail locations).

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