Updates From Our Developer Team

Apollo’s developers are working on exciting technology that will realize the foundation’s vision: To create an all-in-one privacy currency that combines features of mainstream cryptos into a truly private and unregulatable platform.

Our team is prepping for a few updates. According to an Apollo developer:

We’re preparing for a minor release that includes an updated and partially refactored code. When ready, it will be mentioned in Apollo channels.

Moreover, we’ve started working on the exchange and plan to release the first version, as mentioned in the roadmap.

The developer team has also started a research and development (R&D) process for sharding.

We plan to release the first version (sharding), as mentioned in the roadmap. Moreover, we’re working on minor issues, texts and layout update.

Q1 2019 will bring key updates to Apollo. The team plans to release Hermes Protocol 2.0 in coming weeks.

Sharding will speed up the Apollo blockchain whose settlement time is 1–2 seconds — already one of the fastest in the industry. It involves splitting the blockchain into segments.

This approach has positive effects on volume of transactions, download speed, blockchain speed, and overall stability of ecosystem. It processes a transaction in different parts, and these are confirmed by nodes much faster when compared to conventional processes.

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