Updates on Academic Validation and Succession Planning

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech held a recent AMA (ask me anything) session and answered the community’s questions about various topics.

Updates on academic validation:

According to CEO Steve McCullah,

We are working with a very reputable university in terms of validation for sharding. We already had companies validate sharding, and they have done so successfully, documenting how they did.

But to find universities … has taken some time…. We are very close to this becoming reality.

On the leadership team’s priorities:

I have done interviews and I jump on Twitter when we want to push something.

I am a working CEO, I design systems and do a lot of day-to-day management and negotiations. Interviews take some time to prepare for, which is why we have people dedicated to them. At some point, I may be able to back off and do more interviews, but as of now I am knee deep in work every day that needs to get done for us to progress in our contracts.

Is there a potential successor to head Apollo Fintech?

Our team is incredible and there are many people that are more than qualified to run Apollo Fintech. If this did happen, regardless of my position anywhere else, I would stay very involved as the engine of the UAS is being developed by Apollo Fintech. So the goals of both are the same.

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