Updates on Gold Inc and Upcoming IEO

by Marvin Dumont

Registration is open to play Gold Inc beta version. The full Sapphire Studios website is coming soon at http://sapphirerdc.com.

Apollo Fintech held an AMA (ask me anything) session last week and answered the community’s questions on various topics.

On mining on Gold Inc:

A portion of the gold mined will go to backing the coin, Gold Bar, which is digitally mined in Gold Inc. Not all of it because there are expenses, but a great deal of the profit.

When will the IEO (initial exchange offering) of GSX take place? And which exchanges will adopt it?

It could be as soon as this week or next (mid-June). We are planning on doing so immediately after the United Allied States (UAS) news.

So if that happens this week, then we will most likely start [the IEO] and the next major aspects of the marketing campaign along with it. We are not in control of when the UAS goes public, so we are at their mercy.

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