Updates on Gold Inc, UAS and UK Initiatives

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech held an AMA (ask me anything) session earlier this month and answered the community’s questions about various topics.

Mining on the Gold Inc. game:

Mining in Gold Inc. can differ greatly depending on your mine. You could get an incredibly gold-rich claim immediately or your claim may have no gold and instead get rich on other resources like titanium ore.

It’s all about the ground you are on and your ability to prospect. The exciting part of this is that you could hit it rich with a lucrative mine at any time.

On computing requirements for the game:

Will the game have any specific performance requirements?

I’m honestly not sure. It’s built in a way that is supposed to allow most smartphones the ability to play but I don’t have the exact specs. I will look into this and answer back.

On U.K. initiatives:

Apollo Fintech is not registered in the U.K.

It’s one of the many things we are working on in terms of marketing.

We have a number of campaigns that will be starting with our IEO (initial exchange offering) in many areas. The campaign in the U.K. is one of those.

Previewing the UAS website:

The team had thought about a sneak peek.

We won’t be launching a sneak peek because the UAS website is supposed to launch in the near future. I don’t believe there will be a need.

Will there be a video feature from Apollo?

Yes. Video calls should be available in phase one.

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