Updates on GSX, Leasing and Apollo Platforms

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech frequently holds AMA (ask me anything) sessions to answer the community’s questions on various topics.

Will the GSX airdrop be supported on BitFi devices or will users have to lease coins from their APL wallet?

Users will most likely have to send to a normal wallet to lease. Unless there is a lease feature added before then which we are not aware of. You can always send the APL immediately back to BitFi right after this event.

More on leasing:

It would only be leased for a maximum of 1 week from my understanding (CEO Steve McCullah).

In order to receive GSX, should I lease to any other address? Or should I keep APL in my web wallet? How will I get GSX to my wallet?

We will publish exact instructions as soon as we have determined the best course of action for large leasing pools.

I am not … if we will be able to allow leasing pools to collectively redeem GSX, but if we don’t, we may assign a week’s time to lease to the Apollo Fintech wallet. That way if someone is already in a contract, they will be able to take part as soon as their current lease ends.

Then they could go right back to their leasing pool once they receive GSX.

Is it possible for companies to have early access to Apollo Fintech’s ecosystem for beta testing as some YouTube influencers have?

Absolutely. We will have a beta signup for select businesses and influencers.

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