Updates on Knox Bank, Exchanges and Apollo Platforms

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech frequently holds AMA (ask me anything) sessions to answer the community’s questions on various topics.

On early use-cases for Apollo’s platforms:

According to Steve McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech:

I would definitely say the UAS (United Allied States) and our global platform like Apollo Cash are early use-cases. [ Platforms that cater to ] multiple countries will probably come online relatively quickly.

Zimbabwe will probably come online after we launch the national payment platform.

On 500 Funds Campaign:

500 Funds is really targeted towards Apollo. We want to have the website and roadmap up [ and running ].

On Exchanges:

Knox Bank will provide an opportunity [ for exchanges ] to have a secure bank account for their clients. We’ve talked to several exchanges and they are ecstatic for it.

I’m confident this launch will be a big conduit for Apollo’s exchange initiative. Hopefully this launches in the next four weeks or so.

On Knox Bank:

Knox Bank will facilitate accounts for both consumer and commercial [ businesses ]. Anyone can create an account within minutes and that account will be in a tax-free zone. We’re hoping within 20 minutes. And users can take advantage of tax benefits.

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