Updates on Knox Bank: Exchanges, Interest Rates and Crypto Deposits

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech frequently holds AMA (ask me anything) sessions to answer the community’s questions on various topics.

Timeline on Exchanges:

According to Steve McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech:

We’re already talking to several exchanges. We’re definitely going to hit [the timeline] hard as soon as Knox Bank is launched.

On Interest Rates:

We’re going to be able to provide very competitive interest rates on our accounts. The reason for that is because we’re going to be loaning a lot for infrastructure for UAS (United Allied States). A lot of that [lending] will have high returns.

On Crypto Deposits on Knox Bank:

The advantages of putting your Bitcoin and other crypto assets in Knox Bank include taking advantage of products such as loans. So if you create an account on Knox Bank, you can create individual wallets which can hold individual currencies.

You’re able to do things like get loans off those assets. For instance, if you have a bunch of Apollo you can put that in your wallet and apply for a loan. Most asset or collateral based loans [will] be approved.

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