Updates on UAS and Knox Bank Cards From Visa

by Marvin Dumont

Apollo Fintech frequently holds AMA (ask me anything) sessions to answer the community’s questions on various topics.

On domain extension for United Allied States (UAS):

According to Stephen McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech:

They’ve actually already applied. More likely than not, United Allied States will get approved (for its own domain extension) after they announce their first (sovereign) state.

On July 30, Mr. McCullah was elected as UAS’s first-ever President and he’ll immediately go to work to carry out the sovereign state’s vision of being the freest place on earth.

Will Knox Bank accounts have debit or credit cards?

Absolutely. A member can be issued such cards. Anybody who creates an account on Knox Bank will be sent a Visa debit card so you can access and spend your money any place you want.

You can take advantage of the offshore (non-U.S.) tax benefits and also spend money just like a normal bank (account). Users have the option to liquidate their cryptocurrencies through this (payment method). You can spend crypto funds on groceries, buying a car, etc.

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