Vision Update 2019.09.06

1. Apollo attends Futurist Blockchain Conference in Toronto, Canada

2. Apollo Community Treasure Hunt launched

This passphrase is key to unlocking an Apollo wallet containing the prize APLs inside. The first participant to arrange all 12 words of the passphrase correctly and move the coins to their wallet wins the prize.

3. Apollo Africa enters biggest phase of the National Currency Initiative

4. YouTube marketing campaign expanded

5. Apollo Foundation hires three new team members

6. Apollo listed on Sistemkoin

7. New exchanges confirmed, announcements coming

8. DEX functionality milestones completed

Functionality accomplishments:

- order placement

- order cancellation

- ETH/PAX deposits and withdrawals

- order book and order graph

- ETH node

The development team has finished the one-to-one “Matcher” algorithm that automatically matches sell and buy orders before closing them. Apollo Smart Contracts have also been updated to meet the requirements of Atomic Swap at every stage. Additionally, a new service has been developed to maintain the correct gas fees that are associated with the ETH mainnet.

9. Status update from DEX development team

10. Apollo Sharding and code optimization

The release includes:

- memory leaks fixes

- updating version of Jetty

- updating of system libraries weld, jdbi3, resteasy, and swagger

- creation of node health check API

- removing static code of Peersclass and getting true CDI service

11. Thoughts from Director of Business Development, Steve McCullah

We have always made decisions based on the long-term outcome and this was no different. After much deliberation and under the advice from industry experts, we have made significant changes to the previous direction. We believe these changes, although extensive, could give us an incredible advantage over our competitors for years to come.

These core changes include:

- moving Apollo to DAG consensus

- the complete rebranding of Apollo

- new whitepaper and tech paper

- a major focus on academic partnerships

- a stronger push in Africa

- a higher emphasis on wallet usability

- a primary concentration on the three biggest blockchain use cases (tokenization, decentralized applications, and file storage)

- expanding our team to increase marketing capability

- strategic exchange listings



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