1. New merchant signup — 247Bits.com

Apollo has signed a deal with 247Bits.com that allows users to purchase cold storage cards with APL. 247Bits produces enhanced security cold storage cards, which are environmental proof, including water, smear, and fade resistant. Customers can now use APL as an accepted form of payment on these cold storage options. For more information, head to 247Bits.com

2. New listing with Altilly exchange

As a result of the Altilly exchange voting competition held on Twitter, and because of the amount of support shown by Apollonauts, Apollo was granted a full listing. Integration has started and updates on progress will be forthcoming.

3. Major progress with Africa initiative

The Apollo Africa team was in Botswana Thursday on a preliminary research trip. The purpose of this trip was to speak with merchants, as well as scout for opportunities in the area. On the Zimbabwean front, continuing on previous successes, meetings have been scheduled to take place with top decision-makers.

Detailed updates on these meetings will follow soon. Furthermore, the groundwork for a second Decentralized Apollo Bank is being laid in the nation’s capital, Harare. This secondary location will allow unparalleled access to cryptocurrency and will be the second exchange location of its kind in Zimbabwe.

4. Colin Stone returns with new monthly update series

Apollo is excited to announce the return of Colin Stone. Colin will host a monthly update video shedding light on recent foundation achievements.

5. DEX development nearing completion

The Apollo QA team has finished testing the “Matcher” algorithm and gas fees, and are currently working on performance testing and regression testing.

In terms of UI, the Apollo development team is working on the auto-completing order form when a user chooses an order (from the order book) for matching, as well as the implementation of Trading View.

As a whole, the Apollo development team is building the final stable version for pre-release testing.

6. Sharding and continuing development

The Apollo development team has prepared a recent stabilization release focused on sharding. This release includes an update of the Jetty embedded web client/server with important memory leak fixes, as well as updates of other system libraries and fixes of the following processes:

- suspension of all peer communication and forging while sharding is in progress

- blockchain download speed optimization

- bug fixes in different components

Finally, top consultants in mathematics and cryptography have been brought in to collaborate and assist with R&D pertaining to DAG implementation.

7. New wallet v1.36.6 released

What’s new:

- Memory leak fixes

- Update of system libraries

- Improvements of sharding process

- Blockchain download speed optimization

- Minor issue fixes

8. Apollo speaks at Bit-Active blockchain event

Apollo‘s media team attended a well-organized blockchain event called Bit-Active in Long Beach, Calif. Apollo’s PR Director, AJ Mora, spoke to an affluent audience about the benefits of Apollo and its vision moving forward. Following the speech was a well-received Q&A.

9. Apollo to launch exchange-based marketing campaign

The Apollo marketing team is finishing preparations on a large promotional campaign targeting investors based on our current exchanges. This campaign will be the most aggressive in Apollo’s history, offering monetary incentives to new investors, incentivizing larger, immediate investments.

10. Apollo explainer video in production

The development of the new Apollo explainer video has been launched. As part of the Apollo rebranding initiative, the Apollo Foundation is working with world-class animators and composers to create an explainer video that combines all of Apollo’s current features and accomplishments with its new long-term vision. The Apollo Foundation believes this will yield great success with investor acquisition.

Apollo (APL) all-in-one privacy currency combines features of mainstream cryptocurrencies in an unregulatable platform. With two-second block speed, APL is one of the fastest cryptos on Earth. “Apollonauts” use features such as Encrypted Messaging, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Exchange, Dapps, and Decentralized File Storage.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com