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1. Targeted incentive based exchange campaign

2. New Apollo “How-To” video series planned

3. Sharding and code optimization

Tasks finished:

  • Change of TRIM logs to INFO level
  • Randomize trim height on nodes without sharding
  • Fix unnecessary output in tests
  • Implementation of export/import of additional tables to separate files in the sharding process
  • Blockchain peer status deadlock fix
  • Implement downloading of additional files to shard (prunables, trades, etc)
  • Make generator class a service instead of statics
  • Stress testing

4. Apollo DEX released

The team is proud to unveil one of the safest and truly decentralized exchanges available. The Apollo Foundation does not control the DEX, host it, regulate it, or benefit in any way from trading. The DEX is hosted by and powered by users. All proceeds from transactions go right back to users supporting the platform by forging. Access to the DEX will be available using the Apollo vault wallet on both desktop and web wallet applications. Mobile app users will have access to the DEX in a future update.

5. New wallet v1.38.3 released

- Version 1.38.3 Released

- Apollo DEX

- One to one order matching algorithm

- Atomic Swap

- ETH/APL and PAX/APL exchange

- Memory leak fixes

- Update of system libraries

- Minor issue fixes

Check out our GitHub for more information:

6. Nasdaq interview aired

7. Apollo Twitter impressions up by 70%

8. DigiFinex listing date announced

9. Incredible support seen on Binance competition tweet.

10. Q4 begins

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