Vision Update 2019.10.11

1. DEX community feedback underway

DEX community feedback is now open. It will play a vital role as the Apollo team continues to shape DEX into the most secure and user-friendly experience possible.

The community form can be found here.

2. Nasdaq interview now available

The recent NASDAQ interview featuring AJ Mora is now available on YouTube. Here’s a quick sneak peek.

The full 15-minute interview will be available after October 13 when it airs nationwide on “Innovators With Jane King” on the NASDAQ network. Times and channels will be announced.

3. Exchange updates

Last week, the Apollo team announced that the community won an exchange listing with Altilly. We are pleased to share that the integration process has officially begun.

Additionally, Apollo has announced that its next major exchange will be revealed on Friday, October 25, 2019. Be sure to follow Apollo Currency on Twitter for further information.

4. New Apollo merchant partner

Apollo Currency has a new merchant partner in Australia, AusChauffeur.

AusChauffeur proudly offers premium chauffeured vehicle services across Australia. They provide professional chauffeurs or security drivers, giving customers safety and service excellence. AusChauffeur will accept APL as payment method.

5. DEX functionality overview now available

The community-driven Apollo Wiki has added a new section that provides users with an overview of DEX functionality. The information can be found here and will be expanded in weeks to come.

6. Forbes Middle East names Apollo one of ‘Top 5 blockchain projects in 2019’

Apollo Currency was ranked one of the top five blockchain projects of 2019 by Forbes Middle East. You can find the full article here.

7. Academic validation update

The Apollo team is in talks with a half dozen universities as part of an academic initiative. We’re committed to working with respected universities to validate the Apollo blockchain, and to advise and collaborate on future Apollo technologies.

8. YouTube review from Cryptopig

After a fierce voting competition on the Cryptopig Telegram group, Apollo came out the winner. We received the coveted Cryptopig review.

Apollo (APL) all-in-one privacy currency combines features of mainstream cryptocurrencies in an unregulatable platform. With two-second block speed, APL is one of the fastest cryptos on Earth. “Apollonauts” use features such as Encrypted Messaging, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Exchange, Dapps, and Decentralized File Storage.

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