1. Apollo University videos

These are part of a brand new educational series that includes how-to videos of the Apollo platform. The Apollo team is proud to present the first video of the highly-anticipated Apollo University series. Our plan is to launch one Apollo University video a week. Check out the first video Creating a Standard Wallet Address.

2. Apollo DEX tech document

The Apollo team has created an in-depth technical document detailing its latest technical feat, Apollo DEX. The 36-page document walks readers through the mechanics of Apollo’s atomic swaps and other technologies. The DEX technical document will be available on our website shortly.

3. Sharding tech document

The Apollo dev team has nearly finished the much-anticipated sharding technical documentation. It will provide technical insight for those seeking to understand the complexity and innovation of Apollo’s most impressive accomplishment, database sharding.

4. Announcing Apollo centralized exchanges and trading apps

As part of the Mass Adoption initiative, Apollo will launch its own centralized exchanges and trading apps. They will include all of the advanced trading features of the best exchanges: no limits, near-instantaneous fiat deposit and withdrawals, and two-minute KYC. All with the liquidity of your favorite exchanges, such as Binance.

Apollo will soon have two new exchange options on one website and two new mobile apps.

Stay tuned for updates!

5. Apollo attends World Crypto Conference in LasVegas

Apollo will be represented at the globally-renowned World Cryptocurrency Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 29 and 31. AJ Mora, Apollo‘s PR, and media director will speak with influential individuals at this industry conference.

If you or anyone you know are planning to attend, you can receive a $50 discount on tickets by using this link to register.

6. Government meetings in Lesotho

Upon invitation by the office of the Vice Prime Minister, the Apollo Africa team met again with decision-makers and high-ranking government officials in the nation of Lesotho. Stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates and announcements from our Apollo Africa Initiatives. A full list of these initiatives can be seen on our roadmap.

7. New merchants to be added

The Apollo Team has been ramping up efforts to bring in new merchants, who will accept Apollo as a method of payment. Details are being finalized and the team is looking forward to more announcements in the near future.

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