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1. Major exchange announcement

2. Apollo listed on Altilly

3. New video in Apollo University series

Creating an Apollo Vault Wallet

4. Expansion of DAB interactive map

5. December community contest

6. Second shard approaching

7. Apollo will attend WCC 2019

If you are planning to attend, you can get $50 off registration here.

8. Development team update

At this moment the team is focused on

  • planning and preparation for upcoming releases
  • UI improvements
  • chart data modeling (backend)
  • extra chart functionality options

The team has also started a new sprint to accomplish

  • refactoring of one-to-one matching
  • bug fixes for trade timeout refunding
  • TradingView chart implementation
  • UI improvements (fixing pagination, table scrolling, etc.)

Additionally, the team is working on the next updates for the mobile wallet apps. Developers will be re-building the applications to include the latest DEX release and new UI. Regression testing is planned for next week.

Sharding and code optimization

The team is continuing work on the following:

  • preparation for the next sharding update
  • implementing export/import of additional tables to separate files in the sharding process
  • blockchain peer status deadlock fix
  • implement downloading of additional files to shard (prunables, trades, etc)
  • converting generator class to a service instead of statics
  • bug fixes discovered during the test

The team has finished preparation of the next stable test version. Regression testing is underway.


The Apollo development team is working on a mathematical model for DAG integration, as well as researching the best countermeasures for handling different kinds of attacks. A prototype is in development.

9. New merchant partner:

10. New merchant partner: 4BC

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