1. Major Africa announcement coming November 6

Apollo Africa will make a big announcement this week. The team has been working closely with ADF Group and meeting with top officials in several nations this year.

The long-term strategy for Africa is seeing incredible progress, as plans to expand blockchain technology has been well-received. More meetings are planned. Stay tuned as Apollo Africa Initiative continues to unfold.

2. 2019 World Crypto Con recap

AJ Mora, Apollo’s PR and Media Director, attended World Crypto Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s conference was a success with many new connections established. Be sure to follow Apollo on Instagram for the full story!

3. Apollo University

The third installment in the Apollo University video series has been released. Apollo University: Exporting Your Vault Secret File.

Stay tuned for more videos as we unpack the many features that Apollo platform has to offer.

4. 2nd shard successfully executed

The Apollo development team is proud to announce that the 2nd shard successfully executed on 1/11/19 at 12:11:58 UTC. You can view the block here on our block explorer as well.

It has been over three months since the first shard segmented on the Apollo blockchain, and sharding continues to operate flawlessly and efficiently. As sharding continues to operate, there will be greater performance for both desktop and mobile users.

As new nodes join Apollo network, they will only be required to keep a full copy of the first shard, as well as most recent shard to remain in consensus and validate new transactions. Shards that occur in between can be downloaded and accessed on-demand as needed.

5. Development team update

Apollo DEX

The team is continuing work on:

  • Refactoring of one-to-one matching

The team has finished:

  • Fixing bugs related to trade timeout refunding

The team is preparing for new updates to the mobile wallet. Applications have been rebuilt with DEX functionality and new UI. Regression testing is underway.

Sharding and code optimization

The team has finished a stable test version of the next sharding release. Regression testing is underway.

The team has also resolved bugs discovered from prior testing related to:

  • Export DEX_Offers data

Additionally, the team is continuing to optimize resource consumption on hardware nodes and address issues reported by some users such as:

  • Slow block generation (more than 12 seconds for some transactions)

The team is developing auto-tests to streamline the integration process.


Work continues on a mathematical model for DAG integration, as well as research on defensive countermeasures to attacks. A prototype is currently in development.

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com