Apollo Foundation has launched Wallet version 1.31.0. The update includes optimized back-end codebase, minor fixes, and layout updates.

The mobile app is available on Apple App Store. You can download it here.

Wallet can be used on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The iOS app improves the reach and capability of APL users. The app requires iOS 9.0 or later.

The Android Wallet app is available on Google Play.

Crypto Exchanges

The crypto market continues to heat up, and it now has a market cap of $260 billion.

Most APL trading volume can be found on BitMart and IDAX.

BitMart describes itself as a digital asset exchange platform that serves more than 600,000 customers. It supports users in over 180 countries.

APL has Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) trading pairs on BitMart. Most users will need email access as part of the site’s two-factor authentication (2fa) protocol.

IDAX (www.idax.pro) is another exchange, and it has BTC and ETH pairs for Apollo.

IDAX is an international exchange platform originating from GBC (Global Blockchain Research Centre). IDAX was founded in 2017 and within several month it gained to be in Top 10 exchanges of CMC rank.

Apollo (APL) all-in-one privacy currency combines features of mainstream cryptocurrencies in a truly private and unregulatable platform. With two-second block speed, APL is one of the fastest cryptos on Earth. The privacy platform lets “Apollonauts” transact and send data anonymously via Encrypted Messaging, Private Ledger, Decentralized Exchange, IP Masking 2.0 and Coin Mixing. Learn more at www.apollocurrency.com

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com

World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com