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What RiskCapCom Partnership Means for Apollo Ecosystem

by Marvin Dumont

late September, Apollo Fintech and RiskCapCom (Risk & Capital Compliance Solutions) jointly announced a partnership that aims to bring a world-first banking compliance solution integrated with the world’s most comprehensive CBDC and E-Government solutions.

RiskCapCom is a global regulatory technology (regtech) organization with offices in Australia, London, and representation in Saudi Arabia and Europe. The company specializes in the development and implementation of compliance technologies and regulatory advisory services in the key compliance area of Prudential Standards — governance, risk, and capital management for the financial services industry.

Business Development Initiatives

he partnership with Apollo Fintech will service and market the cryptocurrency and financial services markets of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The leadership team hopes to make progress with current business development efforts in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan and neighboring countries.

  • Serve as a springboard for Apollo Fintech to develop relationships and obtain contracts in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and other global regions.
  • Work with RiskCapCom to develop a fully integrated solution of compliance management and reporting system for blockchain/cryptocurrency organizations.

According to Stephen McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech:

This exciting partnership enables Apollo Fintech and RiskCapCom to strengthen financial systems, reduce bureaucracies, increase compliance quality and strengthen economies across the globe.

We’re now working with RiskCapCom on an integrated platform of compliance and blockchain/cryptocurrency technology, as well as an e-Payment sandbox license application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), UAE, Pakistan and a number of other nations.

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