Why New Regulations May Be Incompatible With Cryptos

by Marvin Dumont

New regulations are being proposed that will govern cryptocurrencies, and some of these are antagonistic and restrictive. New rules could undermine investors’ privacy, as well as, threaten their freedom to trade and transact cryptos without subjecting these to scrutiny by bureaucrats, tax authorities and harmful third parties such as hackers and corrupt employees.

Apollo all-in-one-currency exists to give investors and consumers the ability to pay, trade and invest freely across borders without compromising your privacy and security. Part of Apollo’s mission is to return the financial rights and privileges that have eroded over the years because of bad behavior by policymakers, bureaucrats and bankers.

Apollo’s features are important for the discerning and strategically-oriented token holder. Our team is developing the most feature-rich cryptocurrency available and will soon release a second major update, Hermes 1.0, making it one of the fastest cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the Apollo all-in-one currency will establish an invisible experience for traders and investors, making Apollo unregulatable and untraceable while providing nearly every mainstream feature offered by the top cryptocurrencies.

These are important because emerging regulations may be incongruent and ill-suited for the tech features of blockchain and cryptos, which are decentralization, trustless medium of exchange, pseudonymous or anonymous, and permission-less. In a Sept. 19 letter to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bitcoin core developer Bryan Bishop, former Morgan Stanley managing director Caitlin Long and other fintech experts warned the SEC that politicians and government employees who don’t understand crypto innovation can introduce risks that would otherwise not exist. And they argued that current regulatory framework is lacking in its ability to govern digital assets.

The group’s intention is noble but they seem to appeal to an outdated political and economic crowd.

Other governments and central banks have harmed investors in their local jurisdictions. Think Venezuela, Argentina, India, China, Libya, Turkey, the Philippines, Myanmar, Nigeria — in whatever continent you choose to explore. In the age of technology, liberty-loving individuals need not be constrained by their residences or location. Both older and younger generations can leverage the power of internet, innovation and tokenization to secure their privacy, property and future.

The beast that nearly destroyed modern economics seeks dominion over cryptocurrencies with only the presumption that it won’t repeat its mistakes in this brave new world.

Read Apollo’s whitepaper.

Current features include:

· IP Masking

· Private Transactions

· Public Transactions

· Asset System

· Currency System

· Voting System

· Authentication System

· Decentralized Marketplace

· Decentralized Exchange

· Phased Transactions

· Multi-Signature Accounts

· Advanced Account Control

· Alias System

· File Sharing

· Data Cloud

· Leasing

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World-Shaping solutions for a global economy www.aplfintech.com