With Private Cryptos, You Can Have Personal Swiss Bank Account

by Marvin Dumont

The 1% have access to Swiss bank accounts. Trillions of dollars are stored in Switzerland because the European country of 8.4 million people has the strictest bank secrecy laws in the world. Investors (and politicians) from around the world enjoy complete privacy, and are therefore immune to scrutiny when depositing their millions or billions.

It’s no surprise that Switzerland is among the wealthiest nations with a GDP per capita of $80,000. Smart money flocks to safe havens: Rational investors do what they must to protect their interests. And therefore, safe havens (like Switzerland) are able to prosper.

Most governments and central banks pass laws and rules that expose people’s identity and wallet. These restrictions incentivize the market (and nations) to create privacy solutions either through secrecy laws or cryptographic innovation.

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies give the 99% access to digital privacy.

Apollo Foundation is developing the most feature-rich crypto in the market. But APL’s privacy is what makes it stand out: APL will allow you to send and receive funds globally in total anonymity. You’ll also have the option to make transactions private and to conduct trades on decentralized exchanges.

In some ways, Apollo’s features will be more robust than a Swiss bank account. But unlike European safe havens, APL will be available to the huddled masses.

We’ll incorporate coin shuffling, which is the process by which digital coins are mixed and randomized with other tokens to obfuscate the original source of funds. With coin shuffling, you can anonymize funds near-instantly.

The Apollo team will also integrate internet protocol (IP) masking to Apollo Wallet which will conceal your physical location. This feature obfuscates your IP address by using a proxy server, and outside parties won’t be able to track you in real-time.

The Swiss franc has historically been a safe haven for investors because of its low inflation rate. You could say that it’s a sovereign “stablecoin.” Apollo features zero inflation, and this is key to protecting APL holders’ purchasing power.

Distributed ledger technology (LDT) is a disruptive innovation that is changing the world. However, the phrase distributed describes publicly-viewable blockchain networks that enable approved parties to examine and process transactions.

Apollo users will be able to choose between private and public transactions. You’ll be able to send unlimited private transactions without getting your APL wallet traced by anyone. Moreover, public transactions are possible, and this is important because public payments are useful to merchants. It allows for mass adoption.

You can participate in Web 3.0 economy without compromising your identity and peace of mind. Just like in Switzerland.

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