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Knox Wire’s Real-Time Gross Settlement Network allows Financial Institutions to utilize as many as 150 currencies to send real-time cross-border payments, as well as same-day payments to almost 30,000 institutions in 120 countries.

Knox Wire’s offering combines the best options available on the market by facilitating real-time inter-bank transfers in-network, as well as same-day off-network transactions to a large network of Financial Institutions.

Knox wire’s Network is growing rapidly: a dozen institutions are onboarding with the launch, and a list of onboard requests is to follow.

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For updates via the Knox wire website: www.knoxwire.com

Designed to compete with industry leaders, Knox Wire uses a streamlined bi-directional messaging system and implements state-of-the-art anti-money laundering technology to reduce international wire transfer wait times of 3–5 days to 2 seconds at most. Knox Wire has the capability to integrate with nearly all mainstream banking systems and can offer a dedicated development team to aid in the integration and maintenance of the system.

For updates, visit the Knox Wire website

Knox Wire is a subsidiary of Apollo Fintech.

Apollo Fintech is a leading financial technology company dedicated to producing world-shaping fintech solutions designed for a global economy.

The Knox Wire network will integrate into financial institutions such as banks (central & commercial), credit unions, and loan associations to send regional and international payments. The Knox Wire network can also be used as a regional Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system.

For updates, visit the Knox Wire website

Gold Secured Currency hosted the first-ever GSX Farmers Market on the 9th of October 2021 in Klerksdorp, South Africa. This market provided a platform to showcase the convenience and suitability of GSX in physical marketplaces. Local South Africans could come together, enjoy delicious food, listen to good music, and buy fresh produce from Klerksdorp’s local farmers with GSX.

Additionally, it provided GSX exposure and highlighted its value to South Africa and similar markets, throughout Africa and the world, as an efficient everyday currency. Feedback from users (both vendors and customers) was overwhelmingly positive with the majority of pros being the speed of transaction and excitement to use a deflationary currency that can rise in value due to physical assets in GSX’s trust.

Gold Secured Currency is doing what very few other cryptocurrencies are doing. We’ve set up a dedicated voice call service with customer care agents who are ready to provide real-time assistance to help you complete your investment in GSX: The World’s First Growth Coin.

Gold Secured Currency is the World’s First Growth Coin and the first coin that rises in asset value! GSX gives its owners the benefits of having a minimum asset value, like a stable coin, while also facilitating growth in value like traditional cryptocurrencies.

As the trust-backed assets grow, this will continually be adding to the value of GSX!

If you need any assistance regarding GSX, phone our newly established call center!

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